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How many people are walking through their lives without the blessing? Many people are walking with curses attached to them. They are walking with curses that they put on themselves. With words.

In Blessing, Lindell teaches the importance of blessing and how it can affect your life, your family, your job, your nation and your world. All by what you say.

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God's glory. We sing about it, and rad about it, but what is it? How do we access His glory and how will it change us? Is it an ecperiential moment manifested by a cloud in the room? A lifestyle? or perhaps it is God's identifying stamp on creation? or, could it be all of the above?

As you listen to the teaching contained in this audio series you'll learn more about God's glory and discover not only what it is, but that you are created to thrive in it!

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The Bible says that if you have no vision you will perish. This vision isn't simply "direction for your life" - it is revelation from God on how to accomplish what he has created you to do. In this series Lindell teaches on the principles and patterns that enable you to know the nature of vision, the potential pitfalls and obsticals that may derail you, the wisdom of counting the cost, and steps you can take to fulfill your vision.

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The central plan of all creation summed up in one word is worship. In this six part series Lindell gives deeper insight into this subject.

Why do we really lift our hands? Can I just "worship my one way"? What does worship look like? Discover God's design for worship in this indepth study.

6 Audio CD's